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Who is Santa?

Who is Santa?


In a world today of mass shootings, sexual misconduct and all the other ugliness that seems to have strangely become the norm. I have found myself eagerly looking forward to the start of the “holiday” season.

You see, I still believe that there is a magic at this time of year. A bit more happiness in some ways, or maybe it is just how I view the world during this magical time. Maybe it is Santa…that ol’ jolly top elf that works his magic still on me.

A person asked about Santa recently on a Facebook post, she wanted to know how all us other mama’s handled the questions from kids who have just been informed that Santa no longer exists. Now as a newish mama, I have been thinking about this and my kids are toddlers!

In my opinion, Santa is who you make him/her be. Santa is the season, not a person. Santa is the joy in the air from the first snowfall, Santa is the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning, and Santa is the quality time we hold so dear, with our loved ones. That, my friends, is what Santa is.

Now before you go and want to start in on the topic of Jesus. There is NO need. He is the reason for the season! We know this. His birth is celebrated at our house, and this is the year that we will start the tradition of singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus so our kids will understand.

Yes, my children will learn and know the importance of the holiday and of His birth. But they will also know about the magic. And to me – that is perfectly fine. We are unique – we all have our beliefs, faiths, and traditions. Let’s hold onto those and relish in the joys they bring each of us. Let’s spread love and cheer! Start today! Let us embrace the magic, find the good in this world, believe in the wonders that we did when we were kids, and wrap ourselves up in it like a cozy blanket. Let us share smiles, say Merry Christmas to each other, pass the joy of this wondrous time of year on to everyone you can. Let’s see if we can spread love and kindness this season!


Merry Christmas Friends!


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