Because let's face it, we honestly have no idea what LIFE has in-store for us!




Welcome to our place on this world wide web, our little domain area where we can be free and express what we feel. We may find at times that we disagree, we may find times where we just love and agree wholeheartedly. This, my friend, is the beauty of the world that we live in, a place where many people have fought for our freedoms, have given us the life we have.

In the end always, always, always know that just because we don’t agree (or we do) it is ok. We can hug and still love and respect each other. Because in the end, that is what matters, it is what makes us each unique. Our differences define us-and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

SO please c’mon in. Sit down look around, read a post, laugh, love, cry with us as we venture down this road. As we live through this best life that we are living unplanned. Find the unplanned beauty in your day! It is there…we just need to remind ourselves to see it.


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