Because let's face it, we honestly have no idea what LIFE has in-store for us!

I.S.O-My Tribe

I.S.O-My Tribe

Mother of two tiny humans I.S.O my tribe-village.

Ideal candidates will:

  • Be uplifting when in need
  • in a pinch child assistance
  • ideally in the throws of motherhood
  • could seriously entertain the communal lifestyle minus the “sister wives” part
  • Wine, chocolate & coffee lover, please 🙂
  • vacation dreamer ideal (you know those long time ago moments of sleeping in, reading a book and lounging for a day)
  • Outdoors lover bonus!
  • Comfortable with random toddler streaking moments during potty training stages (or at least I hope it is only during this stage lol)
  • Sarcastic sense of humor a must


If you too are looking for that shoulder to lean on while trudging through the deeps of this mom life-give me a shout!

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