Because let's face it, we honestly have no idea what LIFE has in-store for us!



Just breathe…

As I sit here this morning, thinking about the 8 million things I have going. The several directions I feel I am being pulled. The normal grind on top of it, I need to just breathe.


I need to trust that there is something bigger than me out there, and that it has my back, or that He (or She) has my back. I need to trust in this life, the day, the moment. I need to trust that what is thrown at me is for some reason. Trust that it will in some way make me stronger.

Let go…

Find faith and let go. Give myself some grace. Maybe letting go is sitting in the car crying after you drop your toddler off for his morning. Maybe it is letting go of the worry regarding your husbands illness. Letting go might be foregoing the dishes after dinner and just being in the moment. It might be letting the laundry pile up and just taking a walk.

I need to breathe today, I need to trust today, I need to let go today. Because it’s one day out of a lifetime, right.

Much love-


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