Because let's face it, we honestly have no idea what LIFE has in-store for us!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!


As we recently said goodbye to 2017, I had found myself feeling nostalgic about this past year, all the changes that had taken place, especially with our kids. Our life is in constant change, our kids keep us learning, growing, and expanding.

This past year I became a mother of a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. We were thrown a lot of unknowns at us as the husband found out that he is facing a chronic illness, and I personally came to terms with my reality of Postpartum [anxiety] and started my healing journey. Through it all, it has made us more aware of those that we can really trust and lean on, those that even when they are busy have time to talk, and pray with you. In 2017, I grabbed hold of Faith more, counted/counting-blessings, and learned that taking care of myself (a.k.a. Filling my bucket as I like to say) helped ground me more than I ever knew.

In 2018 I have vowed to become even stronger as I work towards healing myself, learning the in’s and out’s of the healing properties of foods (for all of us) and work towards minimalizing “things” in our life. I want us to find our balance of enjoying the life we have and each other, be in the quality moments of what we have been given. I started working on my health, promising myself every day for the next 80 days (technically 72 days left as I write this) to move my body and become stronger. Using food to fuel my body versus using it to comfort me. I will allow myself grace for moments when and where I need it (because we are human after all, not to mention LIFE HAPPENS).

Goodbye 2017, a year of struggle and realization. A year full of uncertainty and learning. A year of tough moments, and melt your heart moments.

Hello, 2018! You beautifully inspired new year full of unknowns and what to comes! Your bright shiny new-ness is a breath of fresh air and I am so excited to see all the beauty that this year has for us!

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