Because let's face it, we honestly have no idea what LIFE has in-store for us!

Let me tell you about me

As a mama in my 40’s of two tiny humans, I am learning the ropes on adjusting to the changes that motherhood has brought. From learning how to raise kind loving humans who enjoy the outdoors to adjusting to the role of mom and part time employee and balancing, work, wife, mother, and caregiver roles while keeping sane in the process.

 If you would have asked me if this is what I had as a vision of my life to be in my 40’s I would have said “nope” :)! We struggled as a couple with [in]fertility in our earlier years of our marriage and at the age of 36 we (hubby and I) had stumbled on news that had us facing life challenges. At the age of 37 I had a myomectomy and shortly after conceived our spunky son. We were beyond thrilled with the love and adventure that being parents brought us that we thought “hey how about one more go” and at the age of 39 (literally 2 weeks before turning 40) I gave birth to our daughter completing our family.

I crashed mentally 5 months after our daughter’s birth and became part of the staggering statistics of mothers who face PPD/PPA.

 Our life honestly is the best life that we haven’t planned, hence the name of our blog. Everything that started out planned changed and has blessed us in ways that we never thought possible. We [as many people often do] look back and can say “We wish we would have______” and this is one of my I wish I would have’s-writing.

 The stories are mine, I have lived this life and gained a lot of insight into myself and during the processes wished there was someone else out there that I could have connected with on some level and said “Yes!!! ME TOO!!” So my friends, I will share my stories, and I will share my personal insights. You are not required to agree, that is what makes us all our own person. But if just one person stumbles upon my stories, and says “Yes!! ME TOO!!!” then this-all of this- will be worth it.

 Grab your coffee, chocolate, wine-whatever…get comfy and join me on this crazy adventure!